Rachel Murphy gives Keynote Talk in Guangdong and is Visiting Scholar at Hong Kong University


At the end of August Professor Rachel Murphy delivered an invited key note talk at the Thirteen International Conference of Chinese Agriculture and Rural Development (ICARDC XIII) on the role of parental migration in driving China’s agrarian change, which was held at the Southern China Agricultural University in Guangdong.  In September she was an invited visiting scholar at the Faculty of Education, Hong Kong University, where she presented work-in-progress for a chapter of her book project on rural Chinese children living in multi-local families, and enjoyed lively discussion. During her time at Hong Kong University she also met with education faculty members and with graduate students at the Wah Ching Centre of Research on Education in China. Additionally, Rachel gave a talk at the Royal Geographical Society of Hong Kong entitled ‘Left behind to get ahead: the children of migrants in rural China’ benefiting from the comments of an audience of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.