post socialisms in the global context

Starting in Michaelmas Term 2017, (Post)Socialisms in the Global Context is a new work-in-progress group for faculty and students working on themes related to socialism and postsocialism, broadly defined. The group is convened through a collaboration between faculty members affiliated with the School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies and the School Anthropology and Museum Ethnography, but is open to all interested faculty and graduate students.


(Post)Socialisms in the Global Context  is intended as a forum for sharing and discussing work with colleagues working on resonant themes. We also envisage it as a shared space for intellectual conversation about the contributions the studies of socialism and postsocialism can make in and across different disciplines – anthropology, history, socio-legal studies, sociology, political science and international relations. We are particularly interested in thinking about what insights derived from studies of socialism and postsocialism can offer with regard to understanding the current historical moment. 


We do not consider socialism and postsocialism to be a geographically delimited area of inquiry, but understand it as global and diverse phenomenon and therefore invite participation of faculty and students across disciplinary and regional expertise. We particularly welcome advanced DPhil students who want to share their written work in a constructive and supportive environment.


If you are interested in becoming part of this group, please send an email to Dace Dzenovska at: dace.dzenovska@compas.ox.ac.uk  Please include a few words about your research in the email, and, most importantly, let us know whether you would like to present a chapter or an article during MT 2017 or shortly thereafter. 


We look forward to an exciting conversation! 


Nicolette Makovicky, School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies

Agnieszka Kubal, School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies

Dace Dzenovska, School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography