OSGA online journal is launched

Journal of the Oxford School of Global & Area Studies

We are a new student-run journal based at the University of Oxford’s School of Global &
Area Studies. Our publication is driven by the belief that the most pressing questions facing
the world today are best answered by bridging across intellectual and regional divisions.

Our journal will be a place for writing that sits astride disciplines, whatever they may be.

We are now accepting submissions for our website’s launch. Whether it is analysis of
Colombian politics, a photoessay written from Ulaanbaatar, or observations from fieldwork
in Ghana, we want to hear from you. There is no disciplinary or geographical limit to what we
will take.

The prompt for our first round of submissions is:

Fault Lines

We are looking for pieces that take fissures or frontiers as their starting point. This can take
many forms: the divisions between intellectual disciplines; the stories of those caught in the
crossfire of border disputes; or an account of those who fall between the cracks in the
implementation of new social policy.

We want writing that has academic rigour but stylistic flair, that will appeal to the informed
but non-expert reader.

Submissions should be between 800-1200 words, with
photography provided where possible.

Email questions or submissions, either complete or as a pitch, to:


before Friday, May 3rd.