OSGA given Athena SWAN Bronze award

athena swan bronze

The Oxford School of Global and Area Studies is very proud to announce that it has been given the Bronze award by the Athena SWAN review panel. This award is in recognition of our efforts in conducting a self-assessment of the School and in developing an Action Plan to work towards greater gender equality in our School composition, activities, and culture.

Responding to the award, Kate Sullivan de Estrada, OSGA’s Athena SWAN Champion, has said:

As the Athena Swan Academic Champion for the Bronze Award, I'd like to offer my special thanks to Erin, who carried the largest burden of the work through her reporting and planning on School policies, sourcing of local data, and management of the submission process; to Joana Perrone, who brilliantly and energetically supported us in all aspects of the application; to Catherine Goodwin, who has been an unfailingly generous source of expertise and support at the Divisional level; and to Tim Power who made sure that Athena Swan was a key item on the School leadership agenda during his tenure as HoS and who wrote a compelling and honest letter to frame our application. 

Professor Chris Gerry, Head of OSGA, said:

This is brilliant news and a great way to start the New Year! Thank you to all of you for your time and efforts throughout this process and for starting us on our journey towards achieving greater levels of equality and diversity within the School.

The Equality Change Unit’s (ECU) Athena SWAN Charter evolved from work between the Athena Project and the Scientific Women’s Academic Network (SWAN), to advance the representation of women in science, technology, engineering, medicine and mathematics (STEMM), with the first awards conferred in 2006. In May 2015 the scope of ECU’s Athena SWAN Charter was expanded to cover gender equality in arts, humanities, social sciences, business and law disciplines.

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