Nigeria in Transition Workshop – Call for Papers

Nigeria in Transition Workshop – Call for Papers


This workshop day in Oxford on 28th February will use the by-then-hopefully-concluded Nigerian elections to open up questions not just around the elections and related political process, but more widely on 'transitions' in Nigeria, in political, economic, social and cultural senses of the word. That could be anything from the political uses of new technologies, to examinations of the economic transitions from oil to non-oil dominance, to artistic and cultural forms of representing social tensions and changes, to emergent identities, to examinations of the political economies of everyday life, and beyond. The intention is to revisit and challenge dominant narratives at a moment when many of them are made particularly visible.

So, we hope it will be an occasion to bring together interesting work in many different areas to update and inform a broader picture, as we also plan towards a second leg in Nigeria later in the year. Please consider submitting a presentation on any current related work you may be conducting.

The event will conclude with a high-level panel discussion on the elections which will be open to the public.

Selected presenters already within the UK will be supported with travel, subject to organisers’ authorisation, and attendees will be fed and watered on the day. 


How to apply:

Please reply to with a title and abstract of maximum 250 words by 30th January for your paper to be considered.