New initiative to integrate Japanese teaching, public engagement and outreach at Pembroke College

On Friday 24th November 2020, Pembroke College hosted 50 Year 10 & 12 students from Dartford Grammar School (DGS) for a Japanese Studies at Oxford taster day.

The students participated in lectures and tutorials delivered by volunteering faculty members on an array of engaging subjects including robots and Japanese society, classical Japanese and hip hop, and post 3.11 trauma literature.


In addition to an ‘Oxford hall’ lunch experience, there was also an Oxford-style networking ‘soft drinks reception’ where 15 current Oxford undergraduate and Nissan Institute postgraduate students mingled with the DGS teenagers to informally discuss Japanese language learning, Japan-related opportunities and life at the university.


See Pembroke College’s news piece for full details of the initiative


Organiser: Warren A. Stanislaus (Pembroke College, 3rd Year DPhil)

Senior Fellow Overseeing the Event: Dr Linda M. Flores (Pembroke College, Associate Professor of Japanese and Tutorial Fellow at Pembroke)

Faculty Members: Dr Mateja Kovacic (Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies, British Academy Post-Doctoral Research Fellow) Dr Laurence Mann (Pembroke College, Tanaka Junior Research Fellow in Japanese); Kaori Nishizawa (Pembroke College, Japanese Instructor)

Oxford Student Ambassadors: Dominic Oben (Pembroke College, Finalist); Ellie Mottram (Pembroke College, Alumni); Adam Powell-Davies (Pembroke College, 3rd Year); Gabrielle Mallett (Queen’s College, Finalist); Ben Moeller (St Cross College, 2nd Year MPhil); Kara Juul (St Antony’s College, 4th Year DPhil); Michelle Lin (Wadham College, 2nd Year MPhil); Chinami Oka (St Antony’s College, 3rd Year DPhil); Shang Cheng (St Anne’s College, 2nd Year MPhil); Alice Baldock (Wolfson College, 1st Year DPhil); Akira Shah (St Antony’s College, 1st Year DPhil); Marco Di Francesco (St Antony’s College, 1st Year DPhil); Timothy Knight (Wolfson College, MSc); Emilia Jenkins (Queen’s College, MSc); Dzhirgala Badmaeva (St Antony’s College, MSc); Ewelina Turek (Wadham College, MSc); Ruchika Ganesh (Worcester College); Ryan Taylor-Costin (St Anne’s College, 1st Year)