LAC Participates in Brazil Forum UK 2017

brazil forum uk tt17

Faculty and students of the Latin American Centre participated in the Brazil Forum UK, held at LSE on 13 May and at the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford, on 14 May. Now in its second year, the Brazil Forum is a public dialogue organized by Brazilian students studying in the UK. Panelists discussed politics, economics, education, sustainability, the judicialization of politics and cultural policy, among many other topics. Pictured at the politics panel on Sunday 14 May in Oxford: Ciro Gomes (PDT, former minister of finance and governor of Ceará), Marcus Vinicius de Freitas (PP, Visiting Fellow of Practice at BSG), Nathália Passarinho (LAC student moderating the panel), Jacques Wagner (PT, former presidential chief of staff and governor of Bahia), and Timothy Power (director of the Brazilian Studies Programme).