Kate Sullivan de Estrada edits the virtual special issue India's odyssey through International Affairs

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India's odyssey through International Affairs is a virtual issue that curates a set of 14 India-focused articles and published speeches spanning 95 years of International Affairs. Together, they map the many transformations of both India and its representations in the journal, capturing the transition from British colony to sovereign nation-state, the shifting fortunes of the Indian polity and economy, and the unfolding of India’s relations with the region and the wider world. Engaging with key historical themes such as M. K. Gandhi’s participation in the second Roundtable Conference, the shape of India’s early foreign and defence policy, Indo-US relations, South Asia’s 1998 nuclear tests, and UK-India relations post-Brexit, this collection offers critical and controversial glimpses of India’s odyssey into freedom and its emergence as a rising power in the twenty-first century.

The collection, along with Kate’s introduction, is freely available here.