John Fell Grant awarded to Andreza de Souza Santos


Dr Andreza De Souza Santos, Director of the Brazilian Studies Programme and Departmental Lecturer at the LAC, was awarded a John Fell Fund Grant for her project "Becoming or Getting by: Youth Opportunities in Times of Economic Crisis". In this project, Andreza will work together with Dr Gabriel Feltran (UFSCAR-Brazil) to examine a growing interest in military careers among young people in Brazil and how such renewed interest may be connected to a lack of opening positions in other areas. This project adds to Andreza's research on economic diversification in Brazilian Municipalities and Gabriel's long trajectory studying young people in Brazil. The project also advances a collaborative research agenda - Gabriel was a visiting scholar at the LAC in 2019. Andreza and Gabriel will start the project this year, a timely moment to investigate economic crisis and youth unemployment and opportunities in Brazil.