Internships in Japan

Application deadline 19th February 2018. 

Consultancy Research Internship, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

Mitsubishi Research Institute welcomes an Oxford intern in summer 2018, to conduct research relating to a specific project. Tasks will involve completing a bibliographic survey, case research and document preparation. Available topics include infrastructure and regeneration, environment and energy, healthcare and wellness and innovation.

English Teaching and Talent Development Internship, Aso Group

This 5-week internship at Aso Group offers a unique opportunity to gain teaching experience in Japan in both business fields and local communities. Interns will be in charge of curriculum development and teaching of summer classes for children to teach global communication skills in English. The second project entails designing and conducting short programs/events to help enhance the English communication skills for our employees as well as conduct promotion of those programs/events. Some events are already planned as part of this project, which also require interns' support and participation.

Educational Support Internship, Ashinaga

Ashinaga, an organization that provides emotional and educational support to students who have lost one or both parents globally, is looking for interns in their offices in Japan. Teams include: Translation, Educational Support (IELTS, STEM, etc.), Student Relations, Media & SNS, Professional Network Development, and Undouka (Student Activities).

English Language Teaching Internship, Otsuma Junior and Senior High School

Otsuma Junior and Senior High School is a well known and prestigious private school located in the heart of Tokyo. Every year, we welcome interns from Oxford University to join the English department for one month to help us to provide fun and interesting lessons, and to teach the students about life in Oxford and the UK. Come and join us!

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