MSc in Japanese Studies student Emma Ruiters publishes another article on Japan-Africa

Former MSc in Japanese Studies student Emma Ruiters publishes another article on Japan-Africa.


My strange and sometimes wholly disparate loves.  Trying to bridge South Africa and Japan, and increasingly looking at other African countries, has been my strange passion for so long now, but I still struggle to really articulate to people, without blushing sometimes, why I've spent so much time learning such a difficult language, why I see an opportunity in this space, and why I see it as so rewarding. I truly hope my Japanese journey continues, even as it takes so many unexpected turns (to Oxford, then, to London).


It strikes me sometimes that it's been nearly 3 years since I started the Japanese Language Club of South Africa, which rapidly grew, and continues to do so. Yes, it is a challenge keeping things going from overseas, while having a job, etc, but I'm still learning and growing, as is the club, and we're still on the long and winding path 🤩onward...onward...