ENC Analysis – Music, Underground Art, and the “Realpolitik” Dilemma: A Vision of the Future?

The European Neighbourhood Council (ENC) released its new analysis on “Music, Underground Art, and the “Realpolitik” Dilemma: A Vision of the Future?“.

This article is written by our academic council member Dr. Leila Alieva, a Richard von Weizsacker Fellow at the Robert Bosch Academy and an affiliate of Russian and East European Studies, Oxford University School of Global and Area Studies.

Art is frequently recognized for being the first form of expression of the nature of global trends, even if they are just emerging. In this ENC Analysis, Dr. Alieva uses the metaphor of music and underground art to illuminate the contradictions and challenges of Western foreign policy and the shifts in contemporary international relations. The author suggests three phenomena—shared responsibility, transcending boundaries, and shifting away from a Euro-centric foreign policy paradigm—instead of realpolitik while analyzing, among other topics, the war in Ukraine, Biden’s policies, environmental issues, and German politics.