Dr Uma Pradhan wins two research grants

We are delighted to announce that Dr Uma Pradhan has won two competitive grants for her work on the education sector in Nepal.

  1. Public Engagement with Research Seed Fund will support an audio-visual project - ‘For the better future’  that documents the students’ lived experiences in the schools affected by the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. Through partnerships with students and teachers in earthquake-affected schools, this project will co-produce a vivid display of visual experiences through 30 photographs and a participatory video. These media will be the basis for a series of exhibitions in Nepal and the UK, in order to engage with the general public, researchers, and policy officials. This public engagement project will provide a glimpse into the students’ achievements, hopes and despairs in post-earthquake schools, thereby enabling the audiences to appreciate human experiences of natural disasters and illustrating the ways in which people utilise education to construct their ‘better future’. 
  2. GCRF project - 'Visions of Education' - will create a repository of non-academic popular understandings e.g. poetry, stories, cartoon, songs etc. on education, conduct a literature review, and develop a research proposal to further an emergent research programme. This project brings academic research, popular understandings, and policy imaginaries on education in the same frame, in order to generate academic & non-academic evidence base on the social project of meaning-making in education and to find innovative ways to better policy-making.

Uma also wishes to express her gratitude to OSGA Research Officer, Francesca Tucci, for her help in preparing these successful applications.