Congratulations to Dr Anna Wilson on John Fell OUP Research Grant

An inter-divisional team of Oxford researchers led by Dr Anna Wilson (REES, OSGA) has won a special “large grant” from the John Fell OUP Research Fund to create a major interdisciplinary research hub “International Multimodal Communication Collaboration” (IMCC). This project will catalyse interdisciplinary research on mass media. It will build upon the foundation laid by the International Multimodal Communication Centre (IMCC) – a research programme hosted by OSGA, which represents an exciting constellation of research links between OSGA, the Oxford Internet Institute, Department of Engineering Science, the Faculty of Linguistics, the Oxford Text Archive, and the Defence and Science Technology Laboratory (MoD). This project aims to formalise and cement these links and do collaborative interdisciplinary research on multimodal depictions of futures in media in preparation for a UKRI large grant application.

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