Professor Roger Goodman

Research Interests
Research Disciplines:
  • Anthropology
  • Sociology
Research Keywords:
  • Social policy, youth culture, education, media, education
  • Japan, South Korea
Research Cluster:


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Phone: +44 1865 274576

Fax: +44 1865 274574

  • Family-Run Universities in Japan Sources of Inbuilt Resilience in the Face of Demographic Pressure, 1992-2030

    Breaden, J, Breaden, SLIJSJ, Goodman, NPOJSR
  • The invention, gaming, and persistence of the hensachi ("standardised rank score') in Japanese education

    Goodman, R, Oka, C
  • Worsening work conditions and rising levels of job satisfaction? Measuring the Happiness of Academics in Japan

    Goodman, RJ, Aichinger, T, Fankhauser, P
  • The happiness of Japanese academics: Findings from job satisfaction surveys in 1992 and 2007

    Goodman, RJ, Aichinger, T, Fankhauser, P
    Edited by:
    Holthus, B, Manzenreiter, W
  • Oxford University

    Goodman, RJ, Stockwin, JAA
    Edited by:
    Cortazzi, H, Kornicki, P
  • Education: Anthropological aspects

    Goodman, RJ
    Edited by:
    Wright, JD
  • The dog that didn't bark: 3/11 and international students in Japan

    Goodman, RJ
    Edited by:
    Breaden, J, Steele, S, Stevens, CS
  • Doing Fieldwork with Children in Japan

    Goodman, RJ
    Edited by:
    Waldren, J, Kaminski, I-M
  • A Sociology of Japanese Youth: From Returnees to NEETs

    Goodman, R, Imoto, Y, Toivonen, THI
  • The Changing Relationship between the State and Higher Education in France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the UK

    Goodman, RJ
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