Film Screening: Swallow - Food Security in Nigeria's Changing Climate

This event will be co-hosted by the Centre of African Studies and the Nigerian Students Association


The threat of climate change to Nigeria’s economy and food systems is compounding Nigeria’s fragility risks. Deteriorating crop yields and poor agricultural capacity continue to fuel a growing dependency on food imports. With its estimated population of 180 million projected to balloon to 400 million by 2050, Nigeria’s food security challenge requires urgent attention in order to avert a major food crisis.

Swallow explores challenges to food security resulting from Nigeria’s changing climate, inadequate infrastructure and traditional agricultural practices. From the declining number of fish in the Niger Delta to underweight cattle in the north and insufficient rice, wheat and vegetables, the way Nigeria feeds itself is not sustainable. Nigeria does not grow food, breed animals or use the water and land efficiently enough to support its ever-growing population.

Supported by the European Union and the Open Society Initiative for West Africa, the film features inspiring stories to galvanize Nigerians to address challenges, opportunities and solutions to its food security