IT facilities and support


For help and advice regarding IT issues at 11, 12, and 13 Bevington Road, please contact the IT Department at Anthropology: Email:, 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

Or Tel:  +44 (0) 1865 274629 in an emergency only

  • For IT issues at 74 Woodstock Road (China Studies) please contact St Hugh’s College:


  • For IT information for the Nissan Institute, the Latin American Centre, Brazilian Studies and Italian Studies please contact the unit administrator.

Student Facilities

Students will have the use of IT facilities within their college, and at the Oxford University Computer Service (OUCS). There is also a room and two workstations at the School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies (SIAS) which are available to students for study purposes.

Wireless facilities are available. Students will be able to connect to the wireless network as long as they have registered with OUCS for a wireless account. Information on IT access will be sent to students as part of the induction material.  A tutorial on using the IT facilities will also be provided at your induction and will be available in your induction packs.

OUCS runs courses on various computer programmes and can offer help and guidance. 

Student Printing

  •  Printing is available at the OUCS site. Please see this link for information:

  • The cost for black and white printing is 5p per A4 page and colour laser printing is 25p per A4 page. Payment can be made via an OUCS Paycard. Paycards are available from a dispenser in the Help Centre or the OUCS Online Shop
  • A scanner is located in the common room at SIAS.

Staff Guidelines for 11,12 and 13 Bevington Road

By using any computer equipment within the School, members of the School and encompassing Institutions, including academic visitors, are agreeing to abide by both the University's Rules for Computer Use and any School of Area Studies' Rules.

It is prohibited to run any software not authorized by IT Support (this would include portable apps), change/move any of the hardware or let other users have your credentials.

Any non-standard software MUST be tested by IT initially.

Staff Facilities for 11, 12 and 13 Bevington Road  

  • All PC workstations are purchased through IT Support. All new workstations are Windows 7 with approved and licenced software already installed by IT Support. All workstations have Office 2007/2010, the latest version of Adobe Reader, PDF converter Pro and Sophos. These are updated automatically by IT Support.

  • If requested, SPSS, NVivo and EndNote can be installed under our University licencing. DreamWeaver, PaintShop Pro, STATA, Adobe Professional, Microsoft Project and MapInfo are all installed when the user purchases a licence.

  • All new Macintosh computers are purchased through IT.  All new Macs are OSX. Updates are applied manually. 

  • All staff and students are allocated their own secure space on the Area Studies server and this is mapped as your H drive automatically when you login. This is backed up nightly. Please use this drive and not your local machine, which will be wiped if there are any problems and is not backed up.

 Personal Laptops for 11, 12 and 13 Bevington Road

Personal laptops may be used within the School subject to the following conditions:

  • Connections to the Internet may only be performed wirelessly using the University’s Wireless Networking (OWL) system.
  • It is prohibited to plug directly into the departmental network using a network cable.
  • Anti-virus is installed and up-to-date along with operating system patches.
  • No illegally licensed software or peer-to-peer software is installed.



Please help reduce our University’s carbon footprint by switching off your PC/Mac and monitor every day.