Dr Clarinda Still

Postdoctoral Research Officer

I trained as a social anthropologist at Edinburgh, UCL and the LSE, and joined the Contemporary South Asian Studies Programme in the School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies in Oxford in 2008. My research is based in rural Andhra Pradesh, Southeast India and is primarily concerned with Dalits (earlier known as ‘Untouchables’), especially Dalit women. My work looks at different forms of inequality (caste, class and gender), education, identity, affirmative action and labour relations. My forthcoming monograph explores the effects of a new ‘politics of culture’ on Dalit gender relations and a Dalit notion of honour.

Concurrently, I am working on two new projects. The first project, ‘Democratic Cultures’ (led by Lucia Michelutti at UCL and funded by the ERC and the ESRC), seeks to explore the ‘vernacularisation of democracy’ in South Asia. My part will look at leadership, honour, charisma and the culture of elections in South India. The second project, led by Alpa Shah at LSE and also funded by the ERC and the ESRC, examines inequality and poverty in India. The project is concerned with the ethnic dimension of poverty: why it is that Dalits and adivasis continue to be disproportionately poor in the midst of India’s economic boom.



Contact Information

Email: clarinda.still@area.ox.ac.uk

Telephone: 01865 284987

College: Wolfson College

Office Details: 12 Bevington Road, Oxford, OX2 6LH

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